• AM-One

New AM-One updates coming in June!

In mid-June, AM-One will roll out several highly anticipated features to the AM-One platform including:

  • A UI/UX design refresh that includes a new standard theme and a 'dark mode'. Both offer a fresh layout and user experience with clean navigation and contextual actions. Custom themes are also available allowing each customer to overlay their corporate identity with a theme that works best for them.

  • FinSA (FIDLEG/LSFin) regulatory compliance offers full support for the Swiss FinSA framework, which also applies to Swiss and international EAMs with Swiss clients.

  • Portfolio simulator is an advanced portfolio simulation tool which allows users to dynamically evaluate the impact of change to portfolio structure and holdings. Evaluations include suitability, historical scenarios, ex-ante and ex-post risk calculations, and can be validated against pre-trade order restrictions.

  • Investment advisory proposals can be generated via the Portfolio Simulator for clients with advisory mandates to illustrate advised or requested investment changes.

  • A compliance dashboard is now available for portfolio managers providing an active monitor of ex-ante and ex-post portfolio compliance violations, with a list of possible actions to resolve each violation. For example, a MiFID II suitability violation resulting from insufficient liquidity would result in an alert on the monitor plus a set of contextual remediation actions to resolve the violation.

  • A notifications manager is now accessible via a righthand sidebar. Notifications are grouped into categories, such as order status notifications, task notifications, expiring documents, AML transactions, compliance violations, and system alerts.

  • An AML transaction monitor has been introduced with atomic and collective rule configuration to automatically identify and report potential AML issues.

  • ESG ratings - AM-One supports the use of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria as a factor in establishing a customer’s investment portfolio.