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Frequently Asked Questions
answers to your most important questions
  • Who is the AM-One offering designed for?
    The AM-One offering is designed for small and mid-sized EAMs and Family Offices with 1-15 employees. You can find typical use cases on the “Home” page on this website.
  • What is the pricing model for the AM-One solution?
    The AM-One platform has a transparent license model based on number of users and activated custodians. Optional available outsourcing services are charged separately.
  • What is the advantage of moving to AM-One?
    AM-One is a one-stop-shop concept, meaning that we offer the complete package of technology, services, and data required to digitally transform your business. The technology is built intelligently to deliver what you need, when you need it, with data from high-quality providers. The services are delivered in synthesis with the technology by specialists in compliance, back-office, and more. All you need, in one place, for one simple transparent price.
  • How does onboarding work?
    We have a standardized approach to onboarding using intelligent automation to streamline core processes while providing personal attention to your particular requirements and preferences. Moving from signature to live use can take less than a week. Contact us for more details.
  • What is the AM-One technology platform?
    AM-One operates using a cloud-hosted, pre-configured, multi-tenant platform that is always on and up-to-date with the latest features of the PM1 software from Expersoft Systems.
  • Is the AM-One platform multi-currency and multi-custody capable?
    Yes, the AM-One platform supports more than 170 currency pairs and multiple custodian bank interfaces for daily data import of positions and transactions. In addition to traditional currencies the platform can also handle all current forms of cryptocurrency.
  • Does the AM-One platform support portfolio consolidation?
    Yes, portfolio consolidation is fully supported. An ad-hoc consolidation can be performed and viewed or exported at any time via the main Web interface, or performed as a batch job at preset times to produce consolidated client reports in printable PDF format.
  • Which Compliance services and regulatory requirements are covered by AM-One?
    AM-One provides a richly featured compliance framework to meet the key requirements of regulatory frameworks including MiFID II, FIDLEG, AEoI, GDPR, and many more. The software application captures and processes compliance data, with services supplied via the AM-One compliance officers supporting intepretation and guidance of legal requirements.
  • Does AM-One offer digital channels such as a client portal and mobile app?
    AM-One offers both. A beautiful end-client mobile application and responsive Web-portal for tablets, laptops, etc. This apps support portfolio browsing, exchange of secure secure messages and documents such as reports, research and investment proposals between you and your clients.
  • How secure is the AM-One IT infrastructure?
    AM-One IT security infrastructure is world class and constantly updated to ensure persistent protection of data. The AM-One platform is a multizone server architecture operating in a private cloud, with hardware maintenance and IT infrastructure managed by AM-One parent company Expersoft Systems. Annual system and security audits are conducted by an independent certified company using multiple penetration tests to ensure maximum security.
  • Where are my data stored?
    All data are hosted in secure Swiss data centres with strong encryption of client data. If required, client identifying data can be encrypted at the point it leaves your business premises using our unique encryption proxy solution.
  • Is it possible to install the AM-One platform on-premise?
    Following the industrialisation approach and to ensure scalability the AM-One platform is only available as SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. However in-house installations are available directly from our parent company Expersoft Systems.
  • Is there special IT knowledge needed to install or use the software?
    AM-One is a Web-based application that runs in every standard browser, therefore nothing needs to be installed or maintained on your local computers. Updates of the main software application running in the hosting center are made by us and are transparent to you. Organisation of the way information is presented via the modern user interface can be configured by yourself, or us if preferred, to meet your particular preferences.
  • Is AM-One a pure software platform or are there complementary services available?
    The AM-One software platform is complemented with optional outsourcing services for Compliance, Back Office and Business Consulting. Contact us to learn more about our services.
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