Who is AM-One designed for?

AM-One is designed to help asset managers in their various growth phases, and allows for customization in the overall solution.




Fresh start as

Independent Asset Manager

AM-One is the right solution for you to start small and to scale with the business.

You have incorporated your company and are now looking for a full-service provider that can bring a stable portfolio management and CRM platform, as well as take care of compliance and all custodian related back office services, including data management.



Upgrading from manual to

automated processes

​AM-One is the right solution for you to further professionalize your business, streamline processes, reduce risk and increase efficiency.

You operate your asset management business mostly manually using Excel spreadsheets, which is quite labor intensive with significant retyping. Now, planning to upgrade to automated processes, you are looking for a tool that outsources compliance and other back office tasks to a professional provider. 



Harmonizing systems and outsourcing non-core business

AM-One is the right solution for you to further optimize your business processes, having the non-core business functions outsourced to a single professional partner.

You are already using a portfolio management tool and are looking for a more complete and full service package that delivers the application, compliance and custodian related back office services including data management.​

AM-One Elements

AM-One is a complete solution for independent asset managers to focus on their core business, while outsourcing the non-core to one single partner. 



Award-winning PM1 and CRM by Expersoft Systems, with all functionalities included, hosted in a ISO27001/SOC2 certified Cloud Facility in Switzerland.


Management of custodian incoming data feed via interfaces and OCR, reconciliation, manual bookings and data quality enrichments.


Anti-trust prevention, investment controlling, internal control system and compliance reports, cross-border activities, regulatory trainings and support.


Bespoke consolidation reporting and analysis to reduce risk and increase transparency, tax reporting and profitability analysis.


Digital marketing, increasing automation, moving to the cloud, cyber security, GDPR regulation, succession and merger and acquisitions.

Key challenges in today's world:

  • Increased compliance requirements with MIFID II, FIDLEG, FINIG ahead.

  • Margin erosion due to disruptive competition and increased cost base.

  • Increased digital client/work experience demanded by the clients and employees.

  • Flexibility in scaling the business up or down depending on the client base.

  • Increased volume requirements by custodian banks.

Key benefits with AM-One:

  • Leaner, cost-efficient and improved reliability of processes thanks to digitization.

  • Free-up of valuable human resources for core business activities.

  • State of the art sales support and client interfacing on mobile and tablet.

  • Higher valuation of the company when exit thanks to risk reduction of people dependence.

  • Increased compliance level and overall management view and control.

AM-One Key Benefits

and how to address the key challenges.


AM-One Workflow

With AM-One portfolio manager, the compliance officer and back office manager can work seamlessly together in an efficient process.



AM-One supports the user in doing pre-trade checks on client specific restrictions as well as on regulatory restrictions such as suitability and appropriateness checks for discretionary and advisory portfolios.


AM-One handles single and bulk orders for all common asset classes. Once the orders are entered they are routed to the custodian/broker either fully automatically (STP), via PDF or Excel Export according to the technical integration of the receiving party.


Incoming settlement transactions of executed trades are reconciled in an efficient way by the AM-One Backoffice partner. Any reconciliation breaks are fixed by the Backoffice professionals.


AM-One provides automatic rebalancing by generating proposed orders based on a pre-defined and linked model portfolio. Various model portfolio types are supported e.g. static or dynamic.


AM-One supports the compliance officer in terms of post-trade monitoring such as SAA/TAA violations, concentration risk, restriction breaks and AML sensitive transactions.


The AM-One reporting engine allows the user to generate white labelled professional client reports for single and consolidated portfolios, across multiple asset classes and custodians in various currencies and languages. 


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