MiFID II and MiFIR are here, FIDLEG is coming. Are you there yet?

The MiFID II regulations went live January 3, 2018, impacting all asset managers with clients domiciled in the EU. Additionally, hand in hand with MiFID II is the MiFIR transaction reporting requirement. And while asset managers have a grace period to meet LEI compliance requirements, time is running quickly. Financial firms are finding that solutions range vastly in cost, coverage, and simplicity.

AM-One fully addresses each of these issues. Its solution to the Investor Protection component of MiFID II, and MiFIR reporting, is a comprehensive, easy to use, and easy to implement offering that is fully compliant upon completion of the onboarding process. Furthermore, the goal of AM-One is to provide affordable solutions that evolve with the changing regulatory regime impacting the financial services industry; firms will be confident they don’t need to search for new solutions each time a new regulation is released.

Specifically, AM-One’s MiFID II coverage includes:

Risk profile and tolerance calculated from questionnaires

Knowledge and experience classification

Investment objectives and time horizon

Product risk classification for suitability matching

Asset target market data

Loss alerting and reporting

For MiFIR, Am-One features an engine that automatically generates the necessary transaction reports in preparation for submission to Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) providers, such as the LSE UnaVista service.

Just around the corner in Switzerland is FIDLEG, which is expected to come into force in 2019. With MiFID II compliance now available in AM-One, the platform is already prepared for the full expected scope of FIDLEG.

Contact AM-One today to learn about solutions ready for today and tomorrow.


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