Connect AM-One to your favorite applications and professional service providers to customize your AM-One solution to your personal business model.

​By connecting applications used by your business departments, you can increase automation and efficiency
by straight through processing.


Discover the applications and professional service providers already, or soon to be, available in the AM-One community.

With integration to Microsoft Outlook, you can automatically log emails and notes to your client records in the AM-One CRM application.
Connect your AM-One solution to Mailchimp for automated synchronisation of your AM-One CRM contacts with your email marketing campaigns in Mailchimp. Track click and conversion rate in Mailchimp.
ELO Digital Office solution asset managers and family offices, with multilevel system architectures and cluster capability on all standard operating systems. Integrate ELO document management system to AM-One for further efficiency gain.
Six Financial Information is used as the market data provider for the valuation of portfolios.
Connect your AM-One solution to Swissquote for trading.
EdgeLab is a Swiss company providing advanced risk analytics and investment intelligence. With EdgeLab services, the AM-One platform's risk capabilities can be enhanced with additional scenario evaluation and factor-based risk analytics for portfolio optimization.
Investment Navigator is a Swiss company providing a suitability service integrated with the AM-One platform which can be used to query client cross-border product suitability.
The LSEG UnaVista solution provides an EU-Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) to which the AM-One platform is connected and prepared to upload required MiFIR transaction reports.
Bexio is a Swiss cloud-based business software designed for startups and small companies with CRM, billing and accounting capabilities, plus automated integration to your banks for efficient reconciliation.
Abacus is a popular Swiss ERP software with industry standard capabilities including CRM, client billing and accounting designed for small businesses. With integration to AM-One, client fees data can be exported for billing in Abacus.
Sage is a commonly used Swiss ERP software with CRM, client billing and accounting modules. With integration to AM-One client fees data can be exported for billing management via Sage.
Grant Thornton provides first class accounting and audit services taking into account the specifics of the asset manager’s business and affordability. By choosing an accounting system that can integrate to AM-One, you can increase automation and efficiency.
PWC provides global tax reporting for the asset managers clients’ portfolios across various countries. With seamless processes between AM-One and PWC, tax reportings are generated very efficiently, for the asset manager to offer these services to their clients.
Spectral is a statistical tool that applies time series analysis to forecast market trends as well as future price tops and bottoms
based on the theory of behavioral finance.
The LSPS platform combines business and IT needs in one seamless package. Whether you need to automate a paper-based workflow or create intelligent software solutions that adapt their behaviour to business events, it is the intelligent choice.
Helping professionals fight against money laundering, including through the first AML integrated tool that allows instantaneous risk identification.
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API Integration

Connect your third party applications to AM-One's API to automate data processing.

We provide various connections and are happy to assist you.

LSPS Platform
and how you can develop an add-on on our native application platform.

Intelligent Process Applications

LSPS builds applications that combine process models based on Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) with a rich user interface, integrated Business Intelligence (BI), and robust management features that improve process execution.

Adaptive Case


LSPS supports knowledge work for Adaptive Case Management (ACM) by linking data, events and rules within an outcome-focused environment. This is accomplished through the linking of structured and unstructured process inside a common framework.

Rich Internet


Build Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) in a fraction of the time with LSPS’s unique blend of best-of-breed technologies and techniques.


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